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About Us

DONA is a solution oriented clothing brand that focuses on creating more sustainable, ethical and timeless pieces with modern swank for next generation


From the founder

I grew up in a middle class family in Bihar, India. My family always says, I wasn't very keen into academics as a kid, I would rather spend my time playing or scheming to raid neighbors fruit farm :) I used to neatly fold my mom's sarees and loved touch of soft fabrics she owned. I recall asking my mom to buy me designer dress for a family function and promised her that I'd study properly in exchange. 

At first I used to study to get good grades so that I could impress my parents and everyone in the family but I enjoyed doing other activities such as organizing and practicing play for KrishnaAshtami Jagran in my society or setting up a small shop on my rooftop. I used to take my bicycle and go to big grocery store and buy bunch of chocolates, biscuits and everyone's favorite candies. My customer base included my friends, cousins and sometimes my uncle and aunts. They happily bought stuff from my small stall instead of big grocery store; maybe because they appreciated my dedication and didn't mind paying 2-3 bucks extra for that :)

Fast forward to almost 10 years, I was pursuing my masters in electrical engineering when I met Ishan (now my husband) at IIT Kharagpur. In KGP we always talked about emerging startups, alums who worked tirelessly to build a new venture and it brought back that childhood yearning to start something of our own someday. After working into fintech and e-commerce space, Ishan and I have decided to venture out in textile and fashion industry. 

Pandemic made us realize that sustainable and mindful living is the way forward and this is the core of our brand "DONA". During our research phase we found there are many small businesses and brands specially in US and UK now switching towards sustainable and ethical fashion. High retail fashion companies (where I used to shop happily once) compromises on so many ethical fronts that

- As a step one; we decided to buy clothes from other small businesses where business values are radically transparent and

- Step two; we set our heart to create a platform that supports strong business core values and aims to create sustainable and ethical fashion in India

About Our Brand

At DONA, we focus on sustainability and ethical manufacturing processes. Sustainable fashion refers to the impact of fashion on the environment covering issues such as pollution, water use, and waste production. It’s all about creating products that have the lowest possible negative impact on the planet.

We consciously use premium fabric and quality finished designs that lasts longer and feels best worn next to skin. A sustainable approach is that you wear cloth longer and should be reusable so that it doesn't adds to textile waste to our landfills without proper reusage. We are also planning to reuse waste fabric to manufacture other items such as - Isolation Paste, Face Masks, Scrunchies, Head Bands etc.

We hope to create more sustainable fashion eco-system that innovates and creates new age methods to lessen the harmful impact on our planet. 


*** Let us aim to create a better world everyday ***